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Principal Artist

Playstation Network game on PS3

Released on August 21st 2012

Independant Games Festival Finalist 2009

IndieCade 2010 Audience Award

I was in charge of creating the models and textures for the backgrounds of each level also designing, set dressing, and animating each level. I also did the modeling and textuing for the enemy and boss ships. Toward the end of the project I was tasked with creating the unlockable player ships, some of which are based off of other indie titles.

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Dino1 Dino2


Dino Park is a mobile game developed by Infinitap Games and published by Andover Games. My role on the project was Animator/Artist. I was in charge of creating the textures, meshes, and animations for all the dinosaurs and fences. I also aided in the development of proprietary animation software.

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Lead Level Designer/Environment Artist

Savannah College of Art and Design: Entelechy 2010

Best of Show

Best Digital Game Prototype

Rift was a team based project where our goal was to create a visually stunning world. The team was composed of eight members, I was Lead level designer while also overseeing the importation of all assets into the Unreal Development Kit (UDK). I also modeled and textured environmental assets and created most of the materials in the UDK. The project was completed in 10 weeks.

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Personal1 Personal2

These are some personal projects I've worked on. The paintings are acrylic on canvas.

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